Experienced Contractors

As experienced contractors, Blasters Inc. has the expertise to handle any and all of your water blasting projects. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have the resources to offer turn-key solutions to any project.

Our water blasters have the capability to operate up to 40,000PSI for the removal of rubber, curing compound, highway and airport markings, and many other applications.

Our fleet of trucks are designed to meet the rigorous demands of today’s environment. We incorporate the truck mount system for those projects requiring a great distance of removal. We have the Kubota based system for those projects that require mobility such as turn arrows, crosswalks, and chevrons. We also carry a full line of parts, tools, and accessories should any type of hand held work be needed.

Through years of experience and usage, we have designed a water blasting system that is dependable, effective, and production based. By incorporating a list of standard operating procedures, our staff is prepared for each project.

Our sales staff and field support are hands on and always are a phone call away. Their knowledge and ability to understand the customer’s needs are very important and they work very hard to find the most effective way to complete a project on time, every time.

Have a project? Please contact:

Dennis Braswell
Phone: (813) 985-4500 x 23
Mobile: (813) 918-6855
Email: dbraswell@blasters.net

Michael Straus
Phone: (813) 985-4500 x 37
Mobile: (813) 918-6853
Email: mstraus@blasters.net

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