From Roadway to Runway

A paint stripe and runway rubber removal system utilizing ultra high-pressure water equipment.

Multiple Applications

Runway, Roadway and Much More

Blasters Liquidator is a paint stripe and runway rubber removal system which utilizes ultra-high-pressure water equipment to safely remove roadway markings, airport runway markings and rubber buildup, curing compound, sealer and tack.

Roadway Marking Removal

Remove or rejuvenate pavement markings and retexture asphalt surfaces with full vacuum recovery.

Runway Rubber & Marking Removal

Remove airport runway rubber build up and runway and taxi-way pavement markings from both asphalt and concrete surfaces, 
with full vacuum recovery.

Curing Compound Removal

Remove curing compound prior to recoating, which is critical to the quality of coating bonding to new concrete.

Paint Cleaning & Rejuvenation

Clean existing striping/coatings to enhance coating reflectivity or to allow for restriping. Retexture asphalt surfaces to recover the profile in roadway tire tracks.

Designed By Our Engineering Team

Six Major Advantages

The Model Family

The Liquidator system is by far the most economical water-blast runway and pavement markings removal system on the market today. Both new and used units offer huge savings compared to the competition, with superior performance results.

Truck Mount Head Assembly

Dual or Single Head Assembly

Freightliner EconicSD Peterbilt 
220/520 Cab-over Truck

48,000-66,000 GVWR (21,800-30,000kg)

Hydraulic System

Operates water boost pump, engages PTO, controls arm 
 assembly and rotation of cleaning head.

Cummins Tier 4

275-430hp diesel engine. Low cost maintenance. Worldwide 
service through global network.

Vaccuum System

1,400 CFM (2,378 m³/hr) with filtration bag hose.

Waterblasting System

Hammelmann pump, 40,000 PSI @ 9-15 GPM (2,750 BAR @ 
 33-56.78 PM), Blaster filtration: 1 micron bag/cartridge filter.

Water Tank

1,500-3,250gal (5,678-12,302ltr). Custom built, lightweight 
welded poly. Low water level sight gauge.

Simple Vac Debris Tank

1,600-2,250gal (6,000-8,437ltr). Steel construction with 
epoxy paint. Patented, slant floor design.

  • Utilization of 20,000 to 40,000 PSI (1,379-2,758 BAR)
  • Ranging from 7 to 18 GPM (26.50-45.42 LPM)
  • Vacuum available on all units
  • Integrated or Modular
  • 11" and 36" cleaning heads (280-480mm)
  • All units have a 72" sweep function

Used Liquidators For Sale

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