Innovative Options

Make your water blaster a statement piece with Blasters Certified’s Innovative custom paint jobs. Reflect your style and preferences and stand out from the crowd by transforming your standard water blasters into personalized accessories that truly reflect your unique brand or individual flair.

Beyond Expectations

Unmatched Performance

What sets Blasters Certified apart is our commitment to providing tailored solutions without the hefty price tag. With an extensive range of engines and pumps to choose from, you can enjoy the flexibility of customization without enduring the expense and lead time associated with purchasing new equipment. Moreover, our water blasters boast custom paintwork that sets them apart from standard offerings, allowing you to personalize your equipment to match your brand or preferences.

Make a Statement

Custom Paint Jobs

With our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality, Blasters Certified ensures that your custom-painted water blasters not only look stunning but also deliver the exceptional performance you expect from our Certified equipment.

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Doug Elliott

Vice President, Certified Water Blasters

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