Designed By Our Engineering Team

Six Major Advantages

Our unique paint stripe removal equipment designed by our engineering team offers six major advantages:

Simplicity & Ease of Operation

  • An operator can be trained in 60 minutes to be in production mode
  • Liquidator major components are easily explained, easily accessible, making operation, troubleshooting and repair simple
  • Best technical support and training at your location in the industry

Competitively Priced

  • Most economical water blast removal system
  • No hidden costs or layers of optional pricing for critical items
  • Includes startup parts package

Drastic Reduction in 
Operation Costs

  • Liquidator reliability reduces breakdowns, parts usage, downtime costs.
  • Customers can purchase non-critical parts from their own vendors or our parts department, reducing costs
  • Avoid expensive downtime including labor and lost opportunities

Best Runtime In The Industry

  • Equipment reliability equals run time, “built to last”
  • Liquidator is designed with multiple redundancies for major functions – 
 hydraulic system manual overrides, creep drive or standard drive mode “never fully down”
  • Liquidator can be troubleshot, repaired in the field “minimal downtime,” no laptop required

Quicker Return On Investment

  • Simplicity and reliability equals lack of downtime yielding more revenue, 
 week over week, month over month, year after year

Hammelmann - Best Pump In The Industry

  • No downtime for 2-years proven track record from all customers
  • Minimal support parts required, less than $100
  • Technical support at the customer’s location and parts support available 
 onsite within a maximum of 48-hours
  • All repair parts available in the USA

The Liquidator system is by far the most economical water-blast runway and pavement markings removal system on the market today. Both new and used units offer huge savings compared to the competition, with superior performance results.

Our unique removal equipment, designed by our engineering team, offers the following advantages:

  • No damage to the concrete or asphalt structural surface during the removal process
  • Replaces grinders, planers, shot blasters and sandblasters that create ruts, troughs, scarring and damage to the surfaces.
  • Extremely high continuous-production removal rates
  • Vacuum recovery results in no environmental impact and leaves a clean surface with a
 sound profile for strong bonding for all coatings.
  • No chemicals or abrasives required
  • Performs day or night, rain or shine

From Roadway to Runway