140 Point Inspection

Refurbishment Checklist

There are many different levels or thoughts when it comes to refurbishing a piece of equipment. To some, it could mean cleaning the unit and a fresh coat of paint. At Blasters, we believe in something different.

Power End

  • Change connecting rod journal bearings
  • Inspect main bearings
  • Utilize “Dial-Indicator” to measure End-Play and shim accordingly
  • Hospital clean complete power end
  • Inspect cross head assembly, plunger adapters and seal holders & replace seals

Diesel Engine

  • Change oil and filter
  • Change air cleaner
  • Change fuel filters
  • Inspect all hoses and belts for excessive wear
  • Inspect radiator
  • Flush cooling system
  • Inspect fan and associated bearings
  • Inspect operation of shutdown systems and associated gauges


  • Belts replaced if necessary
  • Belts adjusted with computerized belt tensioning tool

Fluid End

  • Replace packing and brass rings
  • Inspect plungers for scoring or pitting, replace as necessary
  • Inspect discharge and suction valves, replace as necessary
  • Inspect all other fluid end wear parts and replace as necessary
  • Change out rupture disc and high pressure gauge as necessary


  • Pack bearings
  • Adjust for pressure
  • Thoroughly go through electrical system
  • Ensure brakes and lights are operational
  • Inspect tongue and coupler, rebuild if necessary


  • Video clip from all angles of unit operating at pressure and full volume emailed 
 prior to shipment
  • Unit will be tested at full load for one (1) hour of continuous operation prior to 

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