A New Way of Looking at Equipment

Prior to the start of any project, we must consider the availability, upgrades, and economics necessary for equipment. With our Certified program, we have the ability to meet the needs of any project. Our water blasters are high-quality machines that have been inspected, refurbished, serviced, and supported by Blasters, Inc.’s well-trained team and meet our top-notch standards. Although each one is different, each has been certified for reliability, durability, and performance.

During our refurbishment program, all of our equipment is inspected and refurbished to Blasters’ factory standards. When a unit is received, it is fully inspected by our factory-trained production team. If possible, the unit is started and tested to determine its pressure and volume. Everything from the engine, power and fluid end, trailer, tires, and brakes are inspected and tested. Then, the entire system is dismantled and each component is sent to its designated department for inspection. Each component of the unit is restored back to factory condition using their guidelines.

Being in the industry for 45+ years and operating as a contractor, Blasters understands that this type of equipment needs to work all the time, every time. We back our equipment with a warranty to give you “peace of mind” when purchasing from our business.

Call Doug Elliott, VP of Certified at 813-985-4500 to find equipment that best fits your needs!

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