Contracting Services

Blasters, Inc. provides expert services to a broad range of clients throughout the United Sates. Driven by client satisfaction, safety, and results, we focus on building strategic partnerships and innovative solutions that last throughout your water blasting project. All of our employees are experts in managing everything from surface preparation and cleaning to multi-million-dollar programs in a variety of sectors, including hydro-demolition, pavement marking removal, abrasive cutting, asphalt silo cleaning and a robust rental program of equipment.


  • High productivity rates saving time and money
  • No vibration or dust
  • Eliminates microfracturing
  • Cleans existing rebar with no damage
  • Creates strong bonding profile
  • Cutting depth up to 36”

Pavement Marking Removal

  • Remove markings with no damage to the existing surface
  • DOT Approved and preferred Roadway Marking Removal
  • Airport Runway and Taxiway Marking Removal
  • Airport Runway Rubber Removal

Asphalt Silo Cleaning

  • Removal of accumulated asphalt from silo
  • Non-Human Entry reducing liability and injuries
  • Gets the man out of the Silo
  • Minimizes Risk
  • Increases Production
  • Eliminates the use of jackhammers

Abrasive Cutting

  • Precision Cutting
  • No open Flame
  • Allows cutting of tanks where flame cutting is prohibited due to combustible gases

Surface Preparation / Specialty Cleaning

  • Profile existing concrete for overlays
  • Removal of Coatings from concrete, stucco, walkways, and building
  • Removal of coatings from Ships Vessels and Mega Yachts
  • Removal of coatings from Steel Structures
  • Removal of concrete from Pumper Trucks

Waterblaster Rentals

  • Diesel engine powered pumps rated at 600HP
  • Pump capabilities of 40,000 PSI and 100 GPM respectfully
  • Hand Lance, dump style and shutoff
  • Hoses, Flex Lances, Foot Pedals
  • Rotating Nozzles
  • 2D and 3D Nozzles