2019 Employment Promotions

2019 Moving On Up

Blasters, Inc. is delighted to see so many of our people moving ahead in their careers. A sense of purpose and direction is incredibly important for both employees and our customers.

At Blasters, we are currently sharing and building on our Blasters Story with our family members. It’s all about ensuring that the public will continue to see us as the industry leader in research, engineering, and manufacturing of the world’s most advanced waterblasting systems.

 Our Leadership is pleased to announce the continued growth of our company with the promotion of:

  • Dennis Braswell, Division Manager Contracting & Rentals to Vice President of Liquidator Sales Division
  • Daniel Bredwell, Director of Manufacturing to Vice President of Manufacturing
  • Douglas Elliott, Business Development Manager to Vice President of Certified Pre Owned Equipment
  • Ian Ellman-Brown, Vice President of Hydro Operations to Senior Vice President of Liquidator Manufacturing & Technical Support
  • Clay Parker, Parts Sales Manager to Vice President of Parts & Accessories 
  • Nolan Tomasik, Ready Jet Global Sales Manager to Vice President, Ready Jet